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I have my own commute dilemma. I've moved to QUT where there are options for bike commuting but the options seem very expensive. There seems three options to me

$800 for a year in excellent facilities with towel service that includes unlimited pool access and locker. 

$200 a year for other security facilities with locker and shower etc (+ $275 'key hire'). No pool, no towel.

$20 a year for bare bones basic that just requires ID card to access. No other facilities.Yes - it's cheap, but I'm not exactly loving the idea of locking up my high end road bike (which I sometimes use for training pre/post work) there.

My commute is Spring Hill to Gardens Point and I've just been walking this week, but probably would prefer cycling. 

This is a dilemma for me as at UQ I got pretty much the top range benefits for $60 a year - including locker,drying room, etc etc.

Ideally I would LOVE the first option, but cost is obviously very high....though maybe if I could write it off with tax.. (evil grin).

Likilhood is its going to be option 2 or 3 at least for the time being. 

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If it's anything like ramps to from KBB ... you're in for a bumpy ride :-)

A lot of debris on the roads this morning.

Oh and the usual inattentive drivers:


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