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I have my own commute dilemma. I've moved to QUT where there are options for bike commuting but the options seem very expensive. There seems three options to me

$800 for a year in excellent facilities with towel service that includes unlimited pool access and locker. 

$200 a year for other security facilities with locker and shower etc (+ $275 'key hire'). No pool, no towel.

$20 a year for bare bones basic that just requires ID card to access. No other facilities.Yes - it's cheap, but I'm not exactly loving the idea of locking up my high end road bike (which I sometimes use for training pre/post work) there.

My commute is Spring Hill to Gardens Point and I've just been walking this week, but probably would prefer cycling. 

This is a dilemma for me as at UQ I got pretty much the top range benefits for $60 a year - including locker,drying room, etc etc.

Ideally I would LOVE the first option, but cost is obviously very high....though maybe if I could write it off with tax.. (evil grin).

Likilhood is its going to be option 2 or 3 at least for the time being. 

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Option 1 also works if you continue along that Triathlon line of training.

River Loop Sat March 4, the stop and go-oligist informed me Glen Rd is closed t assemble a big arse [my words] crane onto the construction site.

So cyclists -

-clockwise on the road Brisbane  Benson St to Coro Dr

- anti-clockwise on the footpath/road


Had a really respectful truck driver along McDonald Rd this morning. Staying right back as it was not OK to pass me.

Yesterday the priority bike path at the end of McDonald Rd worked a treat. I gave the driver a wave of thanks and got one back with a smile.

This morning I watched a commuter wheel-standing like a child along NBB. Good to see.

I ride through there every morning, and the concrete truck drivers along McDonald road are pretty good.  I guess it's because they see so many cyclists.

The priority crossing also seems to work well.

Happy days!

Except the majority aren't using it as a crossing, more an intersection where they (outbound) come off the path and hook right onto the road.

My commute?

Closed I have come in a while to being nearly wiped out by a driver on the Edinburgh Castle Rd roundabout. Driver to my left seemed not to see me until I was right in front of him. It was extremely close.

Then moments later on Benelong St a driver overtakes me on a blind corner only to immediately pull left and park on the side of the road.

The rest of the commute I was looking for the 3rd experience as they say things come in 3s.

A bit cooler this morning.  And I stopped and saw Stephen W taking photos of the flooded NBB.  I have never seen it that bad.  It must be a particularly high tide and I must have timed it perfectly.

Still a shit job of engineering a bike path, though.

It's a shame that, when BCC did all the work there a few months ago, they didn't put in a bypass above the high tide line. After their extensive research revealed that grass planted in the rain shadow of a flyover won't grow, you think they could have extended the scope of the study to discover that a path below the tide level will flood at high tide. Maybe we could arrange a research grant or something.

Wasn't a commute, but while out on the bike taking Maaike to swimming lessons and trying to cross Old Cleveland Road outside Lady Marmalade cafe I watched a close pass (which at the time made me think jeez, that's fucking close) become a MGIF and a left hook (and a Jesus Christ yell from me). The cyclist bounced down the side of the Global Air Condtioning van as they cut across him to make the left turn into Cleveland Street at Stones Corner.

I see so many Deliveroo and Foodora riders on Brunswick Street in the evenings. Not my commute, but theirs ... hugging the left edge of the left lane...

I pulled up at the corner of William and Elizabeth this morning, (where I turn left into Elizabeth).  I filtered to the front, past a tow truck from the Town of 1770 with a woman driving and a guy in the passenger's seat.

The lights went green, I turned into Elizabeth and get right across into the far right lane, and stop at the red light at George street.  The truck pulls up next to me in the next lane. 

I look across, and the driver has her window down, so she's right beside me.  She smiles at me and says, "I'll race ya".

I say, "Nah - I'm turning into the second building up here".

She says, "You spoil all the fun!"

: - )

A tail wind and good music. Can it get any better?


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