Hope the day/week gets better.

  • Forgot towel. Luckily it's Monday and the shirt doesn't smell yet, as it became the towel :-)
  • Brought odd sized black socks. One of them obviously for a much smaller foot. An interesting look.

If this/these is/are the extent of my problems, I don't have anything to complain about.

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Commuted both ways today. I thought I'd comment on a couple of changes I've noticed after a 7 month absence. The resurfacing of Marne Rd at Albion- good. The fence and nanny signs on Campbell St- nonsense. Geoff T's beard- now in extra long flavour.

Well done Plaid-oh :-)

I thought you'd find my "devils horns" wave appropriate ;)

Bit foggy this morning!

Looks like Brisbane is having a winter... magic weather though.

From the "It wasn't if but when" file.. we now have a chap commuting using a Stealth Bomber on Kedron Brook!

He's Doing 28k in 37 minutes. In the bits of the bike track averaging over 50.. and in one segment near Billabong St he averaged 60. There is no way you could do that commute in a car in that time...or even on a motorbike without Brissie's lovely bikeways.

Oh well.... one less car.

Probably a little quick for a shared path that includes pedestrians, children and dogs in the mix ... why do people become idiots - do we have a latent idiot gene ready to switch on at the first sign of weakness?

In light of today's expected Commutageddon I'd love to hear if your commute was affected, or even better completely unaffected by the industrial action. I've noticed that the Deputy Mayor has taken to Facebook posting a carefully cropped photo allegedly put on a depot notice board with no attribution to demonise the Union. 

I care for neither the Union nor the Council however I have worked in the State public service while Newman led the campaign against the Public Sector Union so I maintain a healthy skepticism especially when Schrinner is involved.

I was unaffected by the bus driver strike action! It appeared that people got the message and left the city early on Friday.

I rode past stationary car after stationary car near the Birdwood, Klumpp and Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains on ramps for the M3. The intersection at Klumpp Rd went smoother because I didn't have to wait for the bus lane part of the light cycle.

My wife did a quick check of available buses for her home trip and grabbed the last one at ~3:38pm so she could get home, rather than waiting til 7pm for the next one.

Lady catching a bus alongside me this morning said she kicked back on Friday arvo, had a drink with friends and did some shopping, both things she'd not have done if she caught her normal bus home.  So inner city business may have profited from the strike.

I noticed Moaning Myrtles Meander has had a trim.

The sun beats down more along there now.  In the past I could get some shade/prevent the sun in my eyes, but not any longer.


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