Hope the day/week gets better.

  • Forgot towel. Luckily it's Monday and the shirt doesn't smell yet, as it became the towel :-)
  • Brought odd sized black socks. One of them obviously for a much smaller foot. An interesting look.

If this/these is/are the extent of my problems, I don't have anything to complain about.

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I now have an "emergency" pair of socks and underwear, following a forgetful moment last year.  On the other hand, I did learn that Target in the Myer Centre opens at 7:00am every weekday morning!

I should keep a spare pair of socks at work. A colleague once witnessed me ripping a sock as I pulled it on (at the desk). He opened his drawer and motioned for me to take a pair. He has several spare pairs.

One time during the day at work I accidentally included my only pair of shorts in the bag of washing my wife came to pick up (in the days when she wasn't working).

After running through my options when I realised what I had done I decided I had to ride home in my jocks...fastest ride ever :)

So is so funny!

What were you wearing at the time that you couldn't ride home in though?

First commute for over 12 months this morning after I moved offices into the CBD. Felt great. Having great end of trip facilities makes such a difference.


The shower at work is better than what I have at home! It actually has some water pressure.

Great stuff!

Dry in and out today. Took my brekkie into work to be ahead of the showers.

Noticed that some paint happy person has painted (rather shoddily I might add) a separation line up and over the Land Bridge, including you shall not cross solid line and dashed lines, like the shared user space was a road.  Totally ruins the look of the cobbles.

Oh, and Eagles Nest has had asphalt laid down on the bottom two thirds, probably done as part of "make good" works after the generator was removed from under the bridge.

It's a particularly sloppy paint job, isn't it. There are points where the lines don't meet up. They've had to grey out bits to create dashed lines, and a bit of slalom around the corners. Nice to see how much they care.

And I suspect that it's all we'll get out of the ICB widening project.  Just so that they can say that the project included an upgrade of cycling infrastructure.

I go away for a couple of weeks and what is possibly the biggest safety upgrade for northern cyclists I've seen in the 7 years since I've started riding - and no appreciation!!!


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