For those that are back at work in the month of Jan.

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Just in case you're not following the other threads, there are drinks tomorrow!

Engaged braindead mode this morning, forgot my bottle and my phone.

Made it to work without any major incidents, which is good when you're running in braindead mode.

Well not really a commute, but some photos from Paris after our recent OS trip. I took my daughter Audrey and her partner Simone on bicycle tours in Edinburgh, Paris and London. The girls loved doing these tours. Here's a couple of photos from Paris. BTW, a chilly 0c on the day, but mainly sunny.

What? No baguette hanging off the bike? No striped shirts? No poodle?

Nice pics :-)

Great pics Peter. Great memories.

Looks great. Trip planning for Paris at the moment so this this got me excited :)


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