Where are all the New Year commuters? Oh yeah. It's Feb now.

Most commuters say in wet weather they just get wet (no wet weather gear)

Some say they'd rather get wet than get hot and sweaty (in wet weather gear)

When I started out it was drizzling only, then came moderate rain. Fine. I'll ride in this. The wet weather gear can stay in the bag.

Problem: I know have wet gear to put on when I leave for home.

Thought: I think I'd rather put on the wet weather gear and ride slowly in the future ... and have dry clothes to change into for the ride home.

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coupla bike in the cage I use..

Damp. Cool. Lovely. Although having hi-vis rain gear draped over my handlebars when I didn't need it wasn't enough for the lady in the 4WD who tried to pull out of the side street I was about to turn right into.

I think drivers really are getting worse. It's not my imagination.

I think it's finally become common knowledge that killing a cyclist with a car is just an inconvenience. It's certainly not something you'll get in trouble for. It's even considered desirable in some segments of the "community". 

No, not your imagination at all.  Now I'm riding shotgun with a learner driver, it's really apparent how terrible the standard of driving really is.  Speed limits are routinely ignored, school zones are barely observed, and red lights are pretty much optional.

I'm sure people work on the principle that everyone else will get out of the way....

Honestly.. I went for a ride this morning in the lovely sun. However, when I was taking my clothes off to shower I realised that even if it had been raining.. I don't think I would have been any wetter. 

So, I think this whole rain thing is just a bike maintenance issue. :o

I'm getting really depressed that the secure bike facilities at QUT cost $650 a year. The equivalent facilities at UQ cost $60 a year. 

I have access to a cage which is outside and I have no shower or locker for $25 a year, but there is no way in hell I'm locking up my road bike in there. 

Good old 'university for the real [expensive] world'.

bike facilities at QUT cost $650 a year

I have no shower or locker

Time to get a hack bike and ride slowly. There are certainly some nice riding older bikes out there. I'm all for buying one or two top quality locks. Even at $100ea they are a one-off purchase (assuming they last ... say, 10 years) and are cheaper than what facilities like UQ and RBWH charge.

Not really an option for me. Even riding slowly the 3k to work, I end up a sweaty mess. I pretty much need to have end of trip facilities. 

It's OK, I've been managing generally. 

Hey are you at Healthstream? I'm at QUT too and there's no reason to be using that place. There's plenty of places to shower and lock up your bike around either the GP or KG campuses. There have been a few thefts from the bike cages but I don't think its so prevalent that I wouldn't lock a bike up in one of them. Maybe not a $10k super bike or something but I have my quite nice bikes in those places almost everyday no problem. I also have access to a few secret places to store bikes around the place that I use for myself when I ride my electric between campuses for work purposes (quicker and more fun than the shuttle bus!) so PM me if you need any help.


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