Where are all the New Year commuters? Oh yeah. It's Feb now.

Most commuters say in wet weather they just get wet (no wet weather gear)

Some say they'd rather get wet than get hot and sweaty (in wet weather gear)

When I started out it was drizzling only, then came moderate rain. Fine. I'll ride in this. The wet weather gear can stay in the bag.

Problem: I know have wet gear to put on when I leave for home.

Thought: I think I'd rather put on the wet weather gear and ride slowly in the future ... and have dry clothes to change into for the ride home.

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Lazy...gotta tooth pulled Wed, had a sickie, lazy Thur and beers Fri after work. Should've biked it..too many beers and crook today...

But summer I get wet, mudguards are the best, especially on the front - seeing is necessity..

Yeah I piked out on Friday after a couple of intense days at work. As usual, sat on the train watching it rain and regretted it, since I really enjoy riding in the rain. Fingers crossed for Monday.

First time cycling from north side after living south side last Wednesday. So thinking that I was spoilt with a great bike track from the South (Eight Mile Plains to Southbank) which after reading and looking at maps, the trek from Chermside West to Newstead looked a little daunting. Happy to say the usual route (downfall creek across the majors and track in from Chermside) which was recommended was quite good and after exiting on O'Connell Tce, took the pathways to Newstead and wasn't a problem and enjoyed the ride.

Much closer too, 15km's as opposed to 23km's :)



good stuff Dave

Welcome to the Northern wilderness. As you've alread found, there are some very good bits of cycling route up here, but there are some alarming gaps between them. Just find a destination along a creek from your house and you'll be fine.

I keep some ratty old cycling clothes at work.. just in case...

I'm loving this cooler weather.

I've been doing a lot of office clothes commutes on citycycle.

I know some people say it's possible without becoming a sweat pig, but my 15 min, 4K commute on the flat leaves me covered in grossness every day at the moment.

smug reply Daz....

organize some drinks so we may share the smug

how!! pleasant was last evening night?!!!!!

Have I missed the memo?

Not one commuter cyclist this morning and not one bike in the racks at work.

Have aliens landed and taken everyone?

Everyone else is made of sugar.

I saw school kids on Kedron Brook and 1 other adult cyclist.


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