Not much school traffic, so I decided to take the most direct route north. I quite enjoyed riding my big slow bike on Oxley Road up to the bridge over to Indooroopilly.

I imagine that I will get drenched going home this afternoon!

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Yay.. I got home remarkably dry on the mountain bike. The only water I got on me was from the road. 

Yep, water from the tarmac, very very little from overhead.

First ever multi-mode for me. I got dropped at a physio at Sunnybank with my folder. I then rode 2.5k to the station and waited 17 minutes for a train to town, and then rode from Southbank Station to work which was about another 2k. 

I averaged 13 or so kph which was probably ok for a three speed folder riding on the footpath. Still that's at least twice as fast as walking.  

So I've got some options for tonight.

1. Ride it home. Probably take about 1h I reckon, and I've got to get it up the cliff faces near home.

2. Ride it to the station, and then ride home from Alderly station which is about 4k plus still has the cliffs. 

3. Fold it up and bus it home. 

4. Fold it and leave it at work and catch the bus home. Will I use it for work trips?? I always have a bike here anyway.

I reckon 3/4 will be the fastest, followed by 1, and then 2. 

And I caught the bus home with the bike! (option 3)

Sorry but I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Since the bridge between QUT and South bank was closed again, I ended up doing some loops in the Botanical Gardens before work.  I was just riding along the backside near the lakes I came upon a Water Dragon on the same side as I.  It was close, but I didn't see it in time to move over.  As I rode by it I felt something on my ankle and I thought for a split second that I'd hit it.  But no, the damned thing had jumped up and grabbed me.  I made some kind of an exclamation as I clicked out and kicked it off in to the bushes.  A woman that was walking nearby looked at me as if I was a loon.  Once I slowed down, I turned around and rode back to where I thought it landed, and out it came, running back across toward the lake.  It seemed to have all four legs and its tail so I recon it was OK.  It was not a little one either. 

You've got to cut back on the meds! 8o

I think they're losing their fear of us ... up until now it was only the odd possum or magpie that would take on a bike and rider like that ;D

January really..

well that's the last of the holiday easy traffic. It's back, it's full on traffic again.


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