So the signals on the O'Connell St crossing were all covered up this morning. I'm trying to find out if this is for the Ekka and if we'll still be able to use the crossing.

'Twas a nice day for a ride today. 

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So they've removed one of the few benefits of the poorly designed crossing built last year. A fine use of half a million of the bikeway budget.

Users be aware that the south end of Wren St is now a T intersection

Just correcting this. I am mistaken (not wrong. Never wrong :))

Wren still has the no left turn at the Sth end. The lane along O'Connell looks to be for vehicles to exit the show grounds turning R out of the new driveway.

Mine was shit.

Had a #rackfail #otb incident this morning.  Lost the nut off the back of the bolt holding the rack in place through the fork crown.  Have some skin off my hands, some sore ribs and a tweaked knee. No permanent damage to me but I'll need new forks for the Wolverine. They're not supposed to be that straight.

While waiting on the corner of O'Keefe and Carl St for Nicole to come retrieve my sore and sorry self, I spotted Paul heading towards Stones Corner on the footpath, called out to him, but his cordless earphones must have blocked out my "Hi Paul!".

They're not supposed to be that straight.

Bloody hell. I have never seen that done before. I assume it wasn't a nyloc nut then.

Good to hear of no broken bones or worse. How's the magic hat?

Seems I had reused a nyloc, that's why it no longer stayed done up.

No broken bones and the helmet has a 50 cent piece sized scratch on it, approx location middle of right side forehead.  One of those, "if I hadn't have been wearing it I wouldn't have touched the ground" scratches.

Reuse of self locking nuts is open for debate.  In aviation the rule used to be to use them once only....this was routinely ignored, and the practice now is to re-use as long as the nut retains it's self locking property (and yes, there is s minimum torque in the specifications).  From an everyday perspective, if the friction drag is too great to wind the nut on by fingers only - then it's adequate.

Quality of nut comes into it for sure, and if there's any doubt a new one is a great idea.

Strewth!  That was nasty, and could have been much much worse.  Glad you are more or less OK....

Man that was unlucky. :o

Was given a touch up by a magpie at the bottom of Uxbridge St this morning, just as I was about to go through the bollards.


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