So the signals on the O'Connell St crossing were all covered up this morning. I'm trying to find out if this is for the Ekka and if we'll still be able to use the crossing.

'Twas a nice day for a ride today. 

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It looks to me as though the crossing is shut for a long time. There goes another $500k of the cycling budget. Not only was it spent on a pedestrian crossing rather than cycling infrastructure, but now it's been scrapped less than two years after it was built.

bit warm even today..

Lovely morning saw as low as 7 though. Tomorrow is forecast to be even cooler. :o

Is it 2018 already?

Not any more :-)


You may call me Time Lord

Didn't know you were a lady.

That's a good one Geoff..

Coffee ride not commute... saw so many familes out on there bikes..

so great to see.

So we got sent an advice that was forwarded to government staff in 1WS, 400 George, 63 George and 53 Albert.:

Good afternoon Steve

I am writing to inform you of important maintenance work Energex will soon be commencing along the Bicentennial Bikeway near QUT and your premises, which might be of interest to building staff as potential users of the bikeway.

This program of work will involve the routine removal and replacement of underground network equipment nearing the end of service life, ensuring the continued safe and reliable supply of electricity to Brisbane’s CBD.

In commitment to minimising impacts to cyclists and other bikeway users, Energex have worked in conjunction with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Brisbane City Council to ensure access to the bikeway is fully maintained throughout the duration of the work.

Work is scheduled to commence August 13, and subject to site and weather conditions, we expect the project to be complete by mid-September, 2017. Work has been approved for 9:00-15:00 weekdays, 10:00-19:00 weekends and 19:00-5:00 overnight.

Energex staff and our contractors will take all reasonable measures to minimise the impacts from this work, however initial temporary high noise levels for excavation and trenching and heavy machinery in the area can be expected. 

Traffic control on the bikeway will be in place, and users can expect minor delays with cyclists asked to dismount to pass safely via the work area.

For your reference, a map of the designated work location is attached.

You will also find a flyer attached which may be utilised should this provide assistance in communicating the work more broadly to the building residents.

If you have any concerns or queries and wish to speak to an Energex representative please call myself, and I will be happy to discuss with you the operational aspects of the work.

Thank you for support and patience during the delivery of this important project.

Kind regards

Holly Lister
Major Project Coordinator – Corporate Communications

Level 1, 26 Reddacliff Street, Newstead QLD 4006
07 3664 5781 E | |

My response is:

When you do work that impacts motor vehicles, do you expect that they get out and push their vehicles?

Why do you expect that cyclists dismount and push their bikes while wearing shoes not meant for walking?

Wren St/O'Connell Tce, Bowen Hills

Users be aware that the south end of Wren St is now a T intersection, not just a R-turn-only intersection. Vehicles can and do, turn left onto O'Connell Tce passing the new crossing.

This would mostly affect people riding into the city using Wren St instead of the bike path.


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