So how was it?

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Took a citycycle home but was stopped on the bikeway along the river just near QUT by two guys doing a survey - I recognised them as the two guys who did some surveying at the NBB after it opened.

They were asking questions about the ideal pathway through this section of the Bicennetennial, and what were the main issues. I replied with that the pathway here was too narrow and should be more like the stretch between Toowong and the CBD - where bikes and peds are better seperated - ideally with some kind of barrier between.

If I had to guess they were surveying to gather preferences on a potential upgrade to the bikeway when Queens Wharf comes online.

Popped a spoke on the Masi Single speed the other night, have had it repaired at Epic Cycles and also found out the freewheel was toast, so have flipped the rear wheel and am now running fixed.

Also got word today my warranty enquiry on the broken Wolverine frame is approved and they're shipping me a new one.

A good result!


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