So how was it?

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That won't buff out!  Bummer!

That looks like a steel frame - you can weld it...

That's a cast dropout.  Welding is not the best option when it comes to cast metal.

Reminds me I should follow up on the warranty.

Have you considered duct tape?

Image result for duct tape

Duct tape is like the Force in Star Wars. It has a light side and a dark side and it binds the universe together

A few shots from my commute home on Thursday:

Funny, saw something about the Street Library on the TV today.

This morning - terrible. Firstly got pushed by mum taking presious prince to school,she wouldn't engage at the next lights then x3 passes, bang bang bang - left lane bashers, 200 - 300mm clearence, pricks with social finger up. The later some km or so potty mouthed, hypo brained female hurling abuse from two lanes over..

felt cranky all morning..

Well it's me taking the full lane now, Stanley St from the rail crossing to just past the Cavendish Rd intersection.


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