So how was it?

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Beautiful weather this morning.  Loved it.

Yes - you would have enjoyed the tailwind heading north! 

Headwind into the city yesterday (CBD appointment before work) but it was still nice and cool.  Tailwind north to work this morning was fantastic!

So, this morning I saw another council truck sweeping the brook. It had already been swept, but they are sweeping it and polishing it even more!

Meanwhile, the path behind the grammar school is a dangerous mess with large piles of loose gravel. #bccpriorities in action... 

At least they got rid of the downed tree on Moaning Myrtles Meander I reported.

Yes, that was good, but the piles of gravel are also very dangerous... :o

Just an opportunity to brush up on your CX skills.

Where was your shovel? :)

Lovely cool change this week.  Great ride in until... (sorry for the vent!)

At the bottom of Annerley Road, I stop at the red light.  I'm alongside a car that is well into the bike box, as is commonplace.  I'm in front of him, marginally.  (Bikes often keep going here through the lights or up on to the footpath.  I don't because I try to obey the law.)    The lights change.   I start to take off.  As I do, the car's mirror whacks my mirror as he passes me from behind, and then, turning the corner his car engages with either my front basket or rear monkey bars - I'm not sure which but I'm grateful for them (I have a long tail cargo set up for kids).  Scary.  I stop - thankfully in the upright position having maintained control (I am thankful my cargo bike is very stable).  He, however, doesn't stop... until he gets to the line of traffic at the next red light about 20 metres down Stanley Street.

Can I just let things go like I've promised myself I will...? It's hard.

I pull alongside.  He winds down the window.  I ask if he intended to stop.  He says "We both had a red light".  This stumps me.  I didn't know that is a reason for side swiping a cyclist.  I point out he hit me, to which he bald facedly says "you hit my mirror".  He then drives away, the lights having changed.  

Is this just something we have to put up with? 

edit--"we both had a **green** light"

just a count without an "o"..

Is this just something we have to put up with?

Unfortunately it seems so. The best you can do is get a camera, submit a report and hope for the best.

It's almost comical watching drivers attempting to navigate that corner every morning. Cornering is hard apparently:


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