How the weather affects your commute — whether it's hot, cold or wet

I do not have a plan B.

It's a bike. Every workday. All weathers.

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to poor weather and often have a 'plan B'.

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I roll with plan "V" everyday, regardless of the weather.

I sometimes used to stop for storms.  These days I sit in a car looking out at the weather wishing I was in it....

I take cover and avoid the worst rain, or stay at work until the worst has passed.  But I still ride.

I rode in the day of the cyclone. Apart from choosing a more suitable bike I always find a way. 

What cyclone? Did I miss something?

That was a while back now. :o

Weather has always determined how I commute.

In bad weather I tend not to ride a bicycle to work and I rode less in winter - more to do with getting up later in winter than the colder weather I guess. Not so many few years ago nearly all my time on a bicycle was spent commuting and I would average around three days a week commuting by bicycle - less in winter and more in summer, so I guess the answer is "YES" weather (and the amount of daylight) make a difference to my bicycle commuting.

We have excellent end-of-trip facilities where I work and I have a locker there too ... BUT ... as "more people cycle more often" it has become harder to find a parking spot in my building. Most of my 20-kilometre commute is on off-road paths and backstreets, but even so, I've also been knocked over twice now by cars while commuting by bicycle. You think doesn't matter and it doesn't play with your mind - but it does. I have noticed that after each incident I have not ridden as much for a long while.

However, my commuting habits have changed a lot in the last few years.  and now I walk more and rarely commute by bicycle  and use the train more. I have access to a secure bicycle lock-up at the local railway station but I more often that not I walk to the railway station. I drive to the train station if it's raining or if I get up later. I often work from home if it's too late to get a parking spot at the railway station.

For me the biggest determinators for commuting by bicycle as I speak are:

  • Safety
  • End-of-trip facilities
  • How much time I have
  • The Weather

Doc sorry to hear you have been clouted. I've taken to a more relaxed route home since a couple of REGOs tried to left hook me.

Gusty wind is my weather limit....I am just am not happy with being shoved sideways a half meter or so. The cold is okay..I wear wool. Summer the heat and humidity takes it out of me a lot.

I'll admit.. on theses super cold mornings I like to procrastinate until at least 7:30 when the sun is fully up. :o

Super cold? It's all relative I suppose. I think I'd rather be (super) cold than (super) hot.


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