Does anyone know when the resurfacing of the first shambolic resurfacing of the Goodwill Bridge will be done?  I am sick of cycling back and forth through Southbank every day.

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It's quite good if it's dry. I don't know how long after a shower or rain it takes to dry enough

The bridge is closed right now, or at least there are these stupid anti cycling signs up.  This is a question about when the repainting will be completed.  

So I slid off my bike riding in a straight line last month, cracking my fork. I've put a claim in for costs with Dept of Public Works for the damage. I note that the flooring company is back for a third go at it...

Yep the flooring company is back. I can't quite believe how badly they’ve stuffed this up. Now I have to go through South Bank on my way home.

Sorry about your fork, that sucks. I swear Brisbane is more slippery than any other place I’ve lived (barring icy weather).


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