Late last year I bought a Gazelle 3-speed Toer Populair with diamond frame and rod brake style levers. It is second-hand and the previous owner said it was bought in the Netherlands.

I'm loving the ride, and despite the limits of a heavy 3-speed bike I prefer using it for my commute (11km from Sherwood to Brisbane CBD). It has needed a couple of trips to the bike shop (I used New Farm Bikes who have some experience with repairing Gazelle bikes) but it has been riding very smoothly for a few months now.

Recently the back tyre went flat, and I discovered the tube seems quite old and it probably went flat due to the air valve snapping off. Instead of taking it to the bike shop, I would like to learn how to take the rear wheel off and put on the new rear tube, and perhaps a new tyre, which I ordered and received last week. The rear wheel has a gear hub, so I can't figure out the correct method to remove the wheel, and my small bike toolkit doesn't seem to be up to the job.

Anyone have advice on how to achieve this or can link a good website?

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Yes! I was searching for the wrong thing - Sturmey Archer has returned some good results! Thanks!

I know its for a newer Gazelle but my video for the Innergy XT might also give some tips

I've had another look at the bike, but I have concerns that I will do some damage if done incorrectly. Would anyone who has experience repairing a bike with a similar hub e.g. Sturmey Archer hub - be able to show me the ropes? I can bring my bike to you, preferably on a weekend - Sundays are usually best. Or you can visit me - I'm in Sherwood.

Here is a pic:

Dunno how to do anything with your bike Cameron, but it's a real looker alright...

My sincerest thanks to BigSteve for his expert work repairing my Gazelle! It rides like new again! He made it look easy working on such a heavy bike!

No worries.. was a real learning experience. Nice to work on such a beautiful and timeless bike.


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