My trusty Garmin Virb Elite is surplus to requirements so its time to sell!

This is the camera for you! It connects to your Garmin sensors so you can overlay your speed, cadence, heart rate, etc over your ride videos using the free Garmin Virb software.

Camera is waterproof so no stuffing around with ‘Dive Cases’ and you don't loose any sound quality either. Also this camera comes with a massive bundle of mounts and connectors all situations. Have more than one bike? 3 separate camera cradles are included and a gopro mount adaptor. Also this camera only takes 2 seconds to clip on/off unlike with a GoPro having to screw on/off the camera case. Camera works perfectly and includes an 8MB memory card.

Already have a Garmin Virb? Then this is your opportunity to buy a second one as they talk to each other. Press record on your front camera and the rear will automatically start recording!

Have a look at the DC Rainmaker review for all the details and example video quality.

Advertised elsewhere for $250 but for Brisbanecyclist members happy to either discount to $220 or get a free high five. Your choice :-)

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