I've started the planning phase for a trip mid next year where the wife and I will be riding around the Netherlands for a couple of weeks (credit card touring).

I'm using the trip as an excuse to buy new dutch style touring bikes (non electric) and the rough plan so far is to fly to Amsterdam (after visiting London/Paris, buy the bikes in Amsterdam, do a circular sort of ride (around 600km) back to Amsterdam and then pack up the bikes in a box and fly them home.

I know Schiphol Airport sells bike boxes (23 Euro) and all I basically have to do is remove the pedals and turn the handlebars. The handlebars will be easy (5m Allen key) but won't I need a pedal spanner to remove the pedals?

I ideally don't want to be riding for a couple of weeks carrying a pedal spanner. What have other people done in similar situations bringing bicycles back home?

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You have probably considered this but have you thought of buying it here, getting it well fitted and used to it then going touring?  Getting on a completely new steed and going 600km sounds like a recipe for bike fitting/saddle soreness disaster to be honest. Maybe you guys are lucky and have standard arse/legs/arms/body position but it take me weeks and a few hundred km to get a new bike dialled in and comfy.

In terms of tips - I took my tourer (A viventi) over to France earlier this year - was really easy with the right bike bag, a roll of bubble wrap (which is, of course, very very light) and a pump and multi tool - all of which fits in the bag. I could probably lend you my bag if that helps?  


Hi Gavin - thanks for the help.

I haven't ruled out buying a bike here but giving we are first flying to London, then taking the train to Paris and then Amsterdam I didn't want he hassle of lugging bikes through multiple trains. Plus the range of touring bikes available for sale here is only a small small fraction of what is available over there!

With you viventi did you have to remove the pedals / did you bring a spanner with you? I was sort of hoping there was a pedal spanner available to use at Schiphol Airport.

re: Bag - thanks for the offer but there will be two bikes (wifes and mine) and if its only a single one-way flight the bike box from the airport should be fine to protect it.

I've done this many times, and always just carry the spanner.  If you don't want it in your bags, bring some electrical tape and tape it to the frame.  Also you may be able to use a hex wrench instead. 

Seth did a tour with his son around Germany earlier this year, buying bikes and riding around and then selling them at the end.

Start here, https://pvcycling.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/no-bull-in-istanbul/ and read along.

Most modern pedals can use an allen key instead of/as well as a pedal spanner.  I have different pedal sets, one uses a 6mm, another an 8mm allen key.

FWIW this is a great excuse to buy some Bromptons, even if you have a folding bike already, a resell of a Brompton here in Aus would see you break even at the very least.

Thanks for the travel log link. I've been looking for similar ones to read.

We have two Bromptons (one for wife and I) and even a hard case to protect them when flying. We just came back from a weekend at Caloundra where we used them to get around the place.

This trip is an excuse to buy new bikes :-) Seriously though I would rather a dedicated touring bike than the Bromptons for lots of reasons (distance, ease, carrying load, etc) but mostly I would be too afraid people stealing the bromptons whereas a Gazelle touring bike blends in as you can see in the bottom pic below (outside a cinema in Eindhoven couple of months ago).

Yeah I knew you had Bromptons already, just thinking about the rest of us ;)

and since this forum seems to be a secret recumbent haven, you could also go 


You can get a tight pedal off without needing a hammer or anything else, by leaning it against a wall, squeezing the front brake, standing on the pedal with the wrench in place on the pedal axel, and giving the wrench handle a little pressure with the other foot.  Works every-time.

I think the general concensus is to bring the tools you need to remove the pedals.

I just looked at our Bosch Gazelle bikes and there is no flat area for a pedal spanner anyway. Only option is a 6mm Allen key so it looks like I'll just pack that and a 5mm one (for the handbars / stem).


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