So election time is upon us again when many weird and wonderful things are promised by political organisations of all stripes so that I will be persuaded to vote one way or another.

One of the hot items this election-time 'round is the upgrading of the M1 motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Of course all these promises are made on the understanding that all this electoral largesse will be paid for by the taxpayers of Queensland and Australia - me (and maybe you). The road between Brisbane and the Gold Coast is pretty important in an economic sense I guess, those cities being the largest cities in Queensland and probably the third and sixth largest cities in Australia ... but hey, I'm a Northsider and I catch the train to the Gold Coast when I go there - the M1 is not as useful to me as you might be thinking.

It occurs to me though, through careful management of affairs, that many of the vehicles that are driven on our roads are driven there at a huge discount to the real cost of being there of even driving there for free. The companies and individuals that own or lease those vehicles deduct the cost of owning and operating those vehicles from the tax they might have paid to build the roads they drive upon. Indeed, some may pay no tax at all and contribute absolutely nothing to the construction and maintenance of these roads and drive there for free, leaving the taxpayers  - that's me (and maybe you) to pay for it all.

So, I figure if I'm going to pay for this I want to get something out of it - I want the V1 VELOWAY from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Sure, there's already a V1 Veloway - and yep, it's in small letters because it's presently just a collection of short veloways and paths with lots of bits missing.

So, I urge you all to dust off your quills and keyboards and write to the candidates in your electorate and point out to them that since you pay full price for this infrastructure that you probably won't use while many others get to use it for free, a veloway alongside the upgraded parts of the M1 would calm the indignation at having to pay for it all and maybe even persuade some to cast a vote for the said candidate.

It's election time - this is when you get to say what your wants and needs are when everyone is listening. 

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Great sentiments Dave, I'm going to use some of those lines if I may.

You're welcome to them - words are free :)

Ironically perhaps, since the "Paradise Papers" tax avoidance scandal got prominence in the media outlets this week it seems that a whole bunch of people and companies who avoid paying tax for roads and hospitals and courts and parliaments and national parks and pathways and such - all the nice things we have - are the same people who frequently tell us what the tax that you and I pay should (or should not) be spent on.

Well, if nothing else, we should get a few good cartoons and maybe a laugh out of it all ...


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