Hello all,

Apologies if this already exists however I thought I would start this to gather all the current petitions that can impact cyclists.

You may like to consider signing these.

Peak hour clearway on Kedron Brook Road for cyclist safety.


Days Road and Kedron Brook Road Upgrade


Trial closing Gray Street to traffic turning off Merthyr Road/Macquarie Street


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Ah thanks, I hadn't signed the Days one. Done

(politicians' response might channel Turnbull if they could get away with it ... "if [bikeway] connectivity was so vital to you why did you buy a house [on the Northside] where there was no broadband [bikeway access] available?")

Preserve north-south links for pedestrians and cyclists on Shaw Road


Thanks for adding that link. Up to 33 signatures last time I looked, less than a week after it went 'live'.

ta and done

Yes and closing week for the Kedron Brook Road Petition. It's at 233 as we speak, and we've got close to 60 written signatures. Maybe we might get 300!

Great news. Good on Strava for helping out!


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