While riding my bike on the road one night a few weeks back, I was stopped by a cop at an RBT. They asked whether I had a driver's licence on me. I said that I did, and they asked to see it. 

I was surprised at the request, so asked whether I was required to show it. They said I was, because since I was riding on the road, I was subject to -- and this is the part I didn't quite catch -- something called maybe "CAROMS" or "TAROMS". Although I felt sure that I wasn't required to show my licence, I voluntarily did so.

I've been sitting on this a while, but I think I'd like to take it further. As I understand it, if I'm not even required to *have* a drivers licence to ride a bike on the road, how can I be required to show said licence on the demand of a traffic cop? This cop was either ignorant of the law, or knew perfectly well what the law was but was prepared to lie to a member of the public. I'll add that their offsider looked particularly uncomfortable during this interchange. 

But -- does anyone have any idea what piece of road rules or police lingo I misheard as "CAROMS" or "TAROMS"? Google has turned up nothing, and it's pretty good at figuring out misheard/mis-spelled words.

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Yep, and you can't be RBT'd either. 


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