Commute from Holland Park to Port of Brisbane! Can it be done safely?

Hi Brisbane,

My family and i have recently relocated from the riding mecca of sunny Townsville and are still finding our feet so to speak.

I have for many years enjoyed a 25km commute to work each morning and afternoon and would very much like to ride to work now i live in the SE.

I have to admit, the traffic here has currently scared the lycra off me, leaving me driving to work when i really want to be on the pushy.

Can anyone suggest the safest way to ride from Nursery Rd Holland Park to Howard Smith Dr, Lytton?



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Hi Greg,

Welcome to Brisbane.  I live on the north side of the river so I'm not overly familiar with cycling in that part of Brisbane, but according to the Open Cycle maps there's a bike route that starts from Cavendish Road High School and heads east to join the Bulimba Creek bikeway at Carindale, which takes you north off road to the Gateway bridge. From then you could ride east on Lytton Rd which if I recall correctly has bike lanes marked on the shoulder in places. This route looks to be around 24kms.

I'm not an expert on the area, but OpenStreetMap usually provides something pretty good - although it needs some local knowledge to refine it because there aren't any tweakable settings. My classic example was riding from say Handel St Indooroopilly to Maryvale St Toowong. You're better off riding straight through the golf course if you can make it up Swann Road going north on the other end. Then, at the other end of the ride, it puts you on Burns Rd going north, which is a 60 km/h road uphill with no shoulder and poor visibility over the crest, and connecting to another major road, Jephson St with another little hill. You just wouldn't do that. Far better to connect via Sherwood and High St.

Anyway back to yours

I think I'd avoid Pine Mountain Road in peak - you have the alternative option of Tristania Way, then Bridle St ... all the way to Ambara St ... it looks pretty good. I presume there are quieter options to Hemmant and Tingalpa Rd.

Interesting. This was my take

I would sort of describe this as basically ride north on the Bulimba Bikeway (around Tristania Way) to the Murarrie Crit Track, then take Queensport Rd to get to the Gateway Bridge, but then east of the Gateway to your Aquarium Ave turn off, Lytton Road looks pretty crappy on Qld Globe, there's occasional shoulder but it has trucks parked in it. Perhaps it depends on time of day how busy it is. I've never ridden Lytton Road in peak so I don't know.

Note that Wynnum Road east of Manly Road has a huge shared path on the south side, so the alternative to my earlier suggestion is to take Kianawah Road north instead. I don't know which road is more rat runny, Kianawah or Hemmant and Tingalpa.

I'll just ask East BUG now ...

working back from the Port:

* there is a nice new bikepath along the motorway from the Caltex truck stop at Kite St to the corner of Lytton Rd and Pritchard St.

* Lytton Rd is pretty bad in patches. I avoid it outise Sundays and public holidays. The worst section can be avoided by taking Gosport St and Aquarium Ave as someone has already said. Alternatively you can turn off at Lindum Rd (there is a path on the southern side of the overpass), but that gets pretty woeful once you cross the motorway.

* Similarly for Hemmant Tingalpa Rd - that gets a lot of impatient rat-runners in peak times and has no shoulder. 

* so, stick on Lytton Rd to Queensport Rd. It's OK apart form the disturbing section where you have to cross the slip lane to the motorway.

(this depresses me. the short answer to your question is actually: there isn't one)

From there, head straight down Queensport Rd (be careful on the evil corner at the bottom), do a lap of the Murarrie Crit track, and join the Bulimba Creek Bikeway for a pleasant meandering ride towards Carindale before chosing between one of a number of diabolical routes to head west again.

Alternatively, a longer but possibly faster route might be: cross the Gateway Bridge, take the new Kingsford Smith Drive bikeway to Breakfast Creek, follow along the river or cut through side streets to the CBD, cross again at the Goodwill Bridge, and take the Veloway home to Holland Park.

Bulimba Creek Bikeway to Nursery Rd: turn off main midekway at Meadowbank St Park, to Donnington St, the follow that to Creek Rd. Creek Rd to Pine Mountain Rd (not too bad) where you turn right to get to the bikeway behind the Metropol Shopping Centre. A bit of fiddling around then gets you to Tristania Way Park (which is lovely), and pops out at Cavendish Rd. It can be challenging to cross there (4 lanes, no crossing point), but you want to get to the path on the other side, head up the hill a bit, then cross Scurr Park to Carrara St which connects to Nursery Rd.


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