All .. do we want to give this a go?

Perhaps we could do it before the S4C slow roll? Thoughts?

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I'm up to it, but when is S4C slow roll?

Every Tuesday night. Which also ends at a pub usually.. so you can see it as a pub ride. :o

soooo it's beers then ride then beers..

I'm in, but unavailable Tues 5 Dec

That sounds like the perfect ride!

So is this planned for 12 December?

12th sounds great, at that place formally known as The Cove"

Sure. It's planned! 

I think :o

So, are we going to do this?  Quick beer/chippies at the cove and then onto the S4C slow roll?

Tomorrow or next Tuesday?


and next Tues!!

Just saw this. Argh - can't make it today :(

I vote next Tuesday so I can come!

Ok.. I'll be there at 5:30 with time enough for a beer and a chippies if anyone turns up. :o


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