There have been a few different posts up about cameras and I'm looking at getting one for my bike and was interested in peoples experiences. One thing that I'd really like is a timelapse feature but it's really hard to find one that supports it.

If anyone's used a camera on their bike for stills or video I'd love some feedback... anything from the $80 one you can get at office works through to the full gopro setup.

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This is interesting. I wonder how well it will work in real life. Also is it a seperate heart rate sensor or can I use an existing ant(Garmin) one?

Got a mention by Bike Snob today too.


Just letting you all know, Fly6 is available at Pushys for $179 minus $25 using code crazy25 for a total of $154 with free shipping.

Ends Thursday 15/6/17 at 11pm.


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