There have been a few different posts up about cameras and I'm looking at getting one for my bike and was interested in peoples experiences. One thing that I'd really like is a timelapse feature but it's really hard to find one that supports it.

If anyone's used a camera on their bike for stills or video I'd love some feedback... anything from the $80 one you can get at office works through to the full gopro setup.

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I am also interested in this, but can never quite justify spending the money. I did see this review recently: Helmet Camera Review from The Mind of a Helmet Camera Cyclist blog.

At this point I would probably buy the GoPro, purely because of the number of people that have them, meaning that bug fixes are more likely to happen. That and I have a couple of friends that have them and seem to like them. Not sure if I'm just being sold on the marking hype with them however.

I've been thinking the same thing, I must admit seeing things like this made me wonder if the extra cost is worth it.

Rhubarb put me on to this one which he has (and now me) and I've been very happy with it so far especially considering the price. No time lapse feature but full HD:

He also said that his experience with the included mount wasn't good (not very steady) and suggested:

which I also got and it has worked well.

Finally, a review by Techmoan that I found useful:

- part 1:

- part 2:

And one more thing I could add and its not aimed specifically at any camera or even having a camera on a bike in general: I've found recently that I'm getting a bit annoyed by all the 'extras' that I have to prepare for my commutes. I have to remember to charge the lights, swap them over between bikes (I only have one good set at the the moment), charge the camera, make sure it has free space on the SD card plus general bike maintenance and organising clothes etc. I find it's all kind of not aligning with my original goal of making my commute by bicycle as easy as it is by other means of transport. This is one big reason why I've been looking into organising a bike like a Gazelle (even a non-assisted one) that is a bit more set and forget and fit for purpose.

Anyway, for that reason I've personally decided to just use the camera on special rides or once in a while on my commute just so that it's one less thing that I'm preparing for the ride. Just my experience that may be of relevance to your thinking. There's probably a further debate around the whole 'coroner cam' thing that I won't go into to.

Yeah I wasn't thinking about it for the whole 'coroner cam' I was thinking more for special rides. I originally was thinking about getting one for my trip to Melbourne for the Otway Classic but didn't get around to it in time. I'm planning on heading to Springbrook soon with my club and would love to get some footage/photos from there.

My commuter (as per the puncture proof tyre thread) is really set up so I can just pick it up and ride.

As Matt said, I have this camera too and am generally pretty happy with it.  A few comments:

1. Its was $118 delivered, so keep that in mind when comparing with anything else.

2. It does Full HD (1920x1080p) - you need 1080p for picking out number plates.

3. Wide-ish lense 135 deg, so picks up a lot without the extreme fisheye effect.

4. Water proof (with cap)

5. Excellent sound ie uneffected by wind noise on a bike as the mic is at the back.

6. Loop recording - you can set it to continuously "loop" in 15 minutes blocks, so you never have to erase files.  Just take them off when you want to keep something.

7. Small and light form factor.

So why would anyone buy a GoPro?  Well, it does have a few weaknesses too:

1. Low light - Its brilliant in bright to moderate conditions, but its quality in darkness is evident - not appalling, but no GoPro.

2. 720 mode - I've only used 720 once and it recorded the video slightly out of sync with the audio???

3. Mounts - I think this is the achilles heal of all cheap cameras.  It needs a screw in tripod mount of the base.

4. It does do some manual still shots, but none of the fancy time lapse stuff etc.

In summary, its a basic but I think excellent value for cycling.  It shoots excellent video in good light, providing you leave it in its highest quality Full HD mode.  But why would you record in anything else?  Just be aware of the low light quality and the mounts.

There is some cameras that include built in battery that don`t last long and you need to recharge it via usb or wall charger.

It would be better to have the spare batteries on hand , should it run out of juice.

I`ve got the Crocolis HD camera from eBay last year and found it that it lose the number plate clarity if the sun shine on it. I`m disappointed in this as I only get about 20% of number plates when on road. But it is good for fun riding. I found it to be noisy when on road. I don`t use it a lot.

I`ve used it in last year`s B2GC 100km ride of 4hrs 13mins and it got 1 bar of juice left. I don`t trust the manufacturer claims on cameras as they want the money first. Yet no info on how long it lasts before you need to recharge or change the batteries.

More info in this sister site of my thread on

I don't wish to detract from this thread - but I find it quite sad that so many of us don't feel safe to go for a bike ride without a camera.  :(

It is sad that so many people are looking for this as a safety device... personally riding is still fun and fun enough that sometimes I want to post photos or videos. Even if it was to take one on my commute it would be to catch those moments I can't get my phone out in time for...

I got a pair of these cheap video glasses for recording incidents & so far I can recommend them. It’s got a 170 degree lens so it picks more of the stuff happening at the side and a better view of cars coming past too close. The night vision is better than my GoPro Hero 1. The picture is a little jerky if I’m turning my head around but for recording incidents it’s fine. I've had more than 1 hour of battery life so far but haven't tried wearing it flat to see how long it goes. Should be 2 hours. Instruction book is minimal & I still haven't found how to adjust the date!

With all the cameras I've had, too often the number plate is not clear enough or the camera don’t get a good shot on the number plate so if anything happens I call out the number plate to record it on the audio.


Without Micro SD card = $59.95


With 32GB Micro SD card = $89.95. Effectively the SD card is $30 and it’s only a class 6. You could get a smaller cheaper card for much less & still outlast the 2 hour battery life. Or get a better speed Class 10 card for the same price & use it in other better cameras (Like GoPro 3 black) too.

In the past I've had a GoPro 1 on my helmet or handlebars. The helmet was much better for looking at things and there was much less vibration showing. I've just got a new GoPro 3 black which I'll use for the scenic rides & ride with my kids etc.

My old scratched GoPro 1 will be going on the rear rack to capture the close approaches.

example footage?


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