Riding back from a river loop, my right hand shifter made a rather strange noise. Then ended up in a very odd position


Then a few meters later it came completely off


Have never see or had that happen before. They aren't particularly old (~6mths/3000km). Wonder if it had happened to anyone else.

BikeBug.com (where I got the groupset from) were great and are sending a replacement after a short call this morning.

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Sorry, no experience with SRAM.  I had my Shimano shifter break one day.  Of course, Shimano don't stock parts, so you have to buy a whole new shifter.  Which they didn't have either.  So, they ended up cutting me a very good deal on a second hand shifter.  That's just how they roll.

It did strike me as being like Toyota not having any oil filters for a corolla in stock... but there you go.

I've had the ratcheting mechanism in Shimano brifters die many years ago. I attempted to repair it by carefully pulling it apart. When springs went flying to all corners of the room I knew I had my work cut out for me!

Long story short: not serviceable!

Not sure about SRAM though. I have bought a small parts 'service' kit for my SRAM bar end shifters when a metal component failed. A lot cheaper than replacing the entire shifter. It may be worth finding out if SRAM does the same for your brifters.

Thanks Paul, I was going to investigate that but they have shipped me a full replacement under warranty so it may have to wait until next time. 


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