Has anyone brought bikes back to brisbane airport on a plane and then unpacked it at the airport?

We are bringing two bikes back from amsterdam in boxes we are buying at schipol airport. Im thinking of unpacking the bikes at brisbane airport and then taking them on the airtrain assembled instead of lugging two heavy boxes on the train or a maxi taxi.

If i unpack them at the airport where would i leave the old bike boxes? This will be around 9pm on a sat night if that changes things.


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and once with a BOGear Royd

A quick question Andrew (don't want to hijack this thread), How do you find the Royd? Did you compare it to the Ground Effect Tardis?

Hi David, I haven't looked at the Tardis, but it looks like basically the same thing. 

The Royd works exactly like it says it does; It holds your bike, has plenty of webbing to tie onto, has good compression, and feels like it will last forever. I was using a road bike with a few patches of carbon, so I took like half and hour to wrap and tie everything up, and about the same amount of time to unpack and ride off, but it feels like with a less delicate bike you could be done in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks Andrew.

Have used a Royd myself, Track bike and two sets of wheels from VIC to QLD, did what it was supposed to do.

Would use again.

Oh, and the Royd is made in Springwood, QLD, so buy local. ;)

Thanks Geoff. I was your input on a thread somewhere re same (Single speed forum?). Much appreciated. If I travel with a diamond frame, I'll probably go with the Royd. Haven't decided which bike (if any) to take.

Yeah probably on fixed.org.au

Yes of course you can bring a bike in a box
I havent been anywhere where that hasnt worked - take the boxes to the trash cans and leave em.
next person who wants to take there bike somewhere will grab em easy done.


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