Has anyone brought bikes back to brisbane airport on a plane and then unpacked it at the airport?

We are bringing two bikes back from amsterdam in boxes we are buying at schipol airport. Im thinking of unpacking the bikes at brisbane airport and then taking them on the airtrain assembled instead of lugging two heavy boxes on the train or a maxi taxi.

If i unpack them at the airport where would i leave the old bike boxes? This will be around 9pm on a sat night if that changes things.


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Which Saturday night, Shaun? 

This sat night

Bugger.  I'm at a wedding otherwise I could've come got you and we could assemble at my place.

It's good. Thanks for the thought.

Unpack em and ride em home ;-)

Might have to Shaun, last airtrain to City is 10:08pm....  Sleep in the boxes until the first train Sunday morning!

No help at all for your real question though.

Yeah but where do I ditch the boxes at the airport? Don't want to trigger an 'security event' with unattended large boxes...

Yes - anything you brought to cut them up would probably also trigger a 'security event'. ....

I forgo about that excellent pdf document. It say no box storage so it looks like i have to try to find a maxi taxi that will take two large bikes.


I'm tempted to say that by the time the boxes are unattended, you are done with your flight and out of the airport so don't worry about it...

Please, don't listen to me... Maybe I'm just being friday afternoon contrary! Though once we left two strollers in the checkin area of LAX (long story, relating to the amount they wanted to charge us to ship them vs the actual cost of the strollers!)

Surely though, with all the food venues, they have a large bin nearby...

I only just saw this. I'll shoot you a message. 

So it looks like I'm a couple of hours late, but I'll leave this for posterity...

I've come in through the domestic terminal and rode away a couple of times; once with a cardboard box, and once with a BOGear Royd, and not had a problem. So long as you have all your tools, just find a patch of concrete outside and have at it. At the international terminal, if you find the public/taxi pick-up too hectic, I think there's heaps of space around the coach pick-up. I used a pocket knife (packed in the hold, obviously), instead of a machete, but didn't take any other precautions.

I can't remember what I did with the cardboard box, but airports do have rubbish and recycling facilities. Just ask the security or cleaning staff after you're all done (easier to ask forgiveness than permission).


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