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I am moving to the dark side.. I mean the "north side" in two weeks time and have never lived on this side, let alone know about riding there.  Will be living near Lutwyche Centro Shopping Centre and would like to know the best route to get to the CBD.  By "best route", I mean one that's safest, not necessarily the fastest!  Have been spoilt by the luxury of bike paths and lanes for the past 7 years on the western side.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Firstly, join the CBD BUG and help support their campaign for better infrastructure for north side cyclists (and even write letters to council yourself).


As for the route, try this. Essentially getting down onto the Kedron Brook Bikeway will keep you away from some of the busier roads. You'll have to do some on road riding on Kedron Brook Road but it is not too bad at all. Once you've crossed Newmarket Road it is easy going. When you turn left onto Herston Road, cross over to the footpath/shared path on the other side of the road and ride along there. You won't have to stop for the lights and you can simply hop onto the cycle path just as you pass the busway station.


Let us know how you go! :)

Hi Paul

Already a member of the CBD Bug :)


Thanks for your advice, I'll give it a shot!

If you're on the Esatern side of Lutwyche Road, attached is an alternative (but not very direct) route.  This should open in Google Earth and possibly bikely etc.


This route sticks to bike lanes, BAZs offroad bike paths and mostly quiet roads.


I ride through this area most mornings so let me know if you want a guide for either route.



Hi Elanor.  Nice to see another CBD Bug member on here.


Go past Tom Wallace Cycles (great bike shop-get to know them) and down Swinburne St and there is an entry to Kedron Brook bike path at the bottom.  You can either go up Kedron brook road, or through the back streets and over the hill on Eighth Avenue.  


I'm happy to do a guide run by arrangement if you like.  There are others that come this way too.  If I think about it I can do you up some track logs with the two alternatives I've mentioned.  :)

Thanks Steve.  If you're heading down that way or know of anybody heading into CBD around 630am next week, would love to buddy up as I  haven't had a chance to have a look-see on that side yet.  Am moving on Sunday - oh joy!  Otherwise I'll try following my nose and your advice and see how I go.

Thanks again.

I can do monday and 6:30 is ok.  Send me a message and we'll sort a meet point.  :)
Have Monday and Tuesday off to unpack and wait for internet connection etc, will probably be looking at Wednesday by this stage, thanks!

Hi Elinor.  Have you seen my message to you?  Do you want to have a run at it tomorrow morning? :)


I've got to get in early so I can go to the CBD bug meeting at lunch and see the super special Paul Presentation.  :)  6:30 at Tom Wallace Cycles if you like. :)

Depending on where you're headed in the city, you may want to consider heading through Albion, Newstead and New Farm and then under the Story Bridge and along the riverside path.  It's much easier to get to Eagle St from the river, than it is to get across the CBD from Roma St Parklands.  It's also about 3 km shorter than the route through Victoria Park.

My destination is Mineral House, corner George and Margaret so the riverside option sounds better than having to come through Roma Street, down to the river and backup to George across William.  *Groan*.  What's the traffic/bike lane/path situation on that side???


New Farm gives you a couple of options of either the longer relaxing scenic route or cutting through on road with one of the council-recommended routes so the suburb is reasonably good. Here's a great video Paul made covering New Farm to South Bank along shared paths (where available):



Once past and under the Story Bridge it's pretty slow going on the Riverside/Eagle St Pier "shared path" along the river, but still enjoyable if you're in no hurry. The on-road option may be not much quicker depending on how backed up cars are and it might be nicer anyway to cool down on the boardwalks nearing your destination (particularly after the 'hill' of the Story Bridge now that the floating Riverwalk is gone).


I happened to have attempted some sort of recording of what it's like just before evening rush hour on Eagle St and it goes something like this (sorry again about the vibration):



At peak hour it's not really any more complex if you "take the lane" (just slower with more stimuli - otherwise far too narrow and messy for veering far left or lane splitting). Just be wary at this intersection where cars get a Give Way sign from Elizabeth St turning right into Eagle St. Particularly with the construction barriers, there's not a lot of room for lane sharing and I've seen some dubious turning lines there. The left at the lights is also sharper and faster than it appears so just stick to your lane if there are cars about (I've probably been guilty of inadvertently taking a poor line by going a tad fast on a quiet weekend once or twice). Unfortunately my video doesn't show that section as the rough surface leading in threw my camera's position out!


I actually quite enjoy this road if I'm in the mood for it as it's pretty easy (after some practise) to keep up with traffic negotiating all the lights, taxis and occasionally buses - otherwise I'll just stick to the shared path. However, I still look on with some concern when I see nervous gutter hugging or lane splitting along Eagle St.

Kedron Brook bikeway to Kedron Brook road is the only way I know as well. I've ridden it and it's fine, but haven't seen it at peak times.

Cool to see another northsider running the inner northern suburb gauntlet!

The busway extension was surely an opportunity to improve bike infrastructure in that area of Brisbane. I wonder if there are any plans..


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