I need to ride from the CBC to Graceville this evening, and all the routes suggested by Google Maps look like they have fairly awful sections. Which is worse, Annerley Road or Moggill Road? Or is there some magic off-road (or quiet road) path from the Bicentennial Bikeway to the Indoorpilly bridge that isn't too hilly or deadly?

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Maybe follow the River Loop route out through UQ to the Indooroopilly Bridge?  It would be quieter and flatter, but longer.

Thanks. That sounds promising. I used to ride out to the uni fairly often before the green bridge went in, but the path to the Indoorpilly bridge will be new. Google's Annerley Road route suggests Upland Road/The Esplanade/Hillside Terrace/Lambert Road. I think I've seen posts about Lambert Road being a bit ordinary, but it's got to be better than Annerley Road, let alone Moggill Road.

Annerley Road option - bad

Moggill Road option - worse

Toowong to Indooroopilly bikeway - I use this, with a lot of caution. I don't recommend it though.

It looks like this: 

I have found a mostly off-road option that I use sometimes. Up Moggill road footpath over Taringa hill.


And cycling Brisbane offers this (http://www.cyclingbrisbane.com.au/route-planner#14/-27.4935/153.0064). Does it make any sense? I'm leaning towards the safer, longer uni route.

I've tried all the options - your CB option suggests going up Cunningham, which is not all that steep, but crossing Swann Road at that point is quite unpleasant. OpenStreet Map suggests going up Adsett which is quite steep. I also don't like the Gailey Fiveways on a bike.

So I go out of the way ... Glen Rd, Sandford/Austral/Jerdanefield, R into Ryans, R into Carmody, L into Ironside (can also go via Guilfoyle which is lovely scenery but then there's a steep bit on Baty), undulate through to the roundabout, R onto Central, R onto Hawken, L onto Swann, down Carawa and Indooroopilly, W along Lambert (you can use the shared path along the N side, but then you're on the wrong side when you get to Fairley), to Jack Pesch Bridge. Then there are lots of options for snaking through Graceville if you don't like Oxley Rd - I presume you want to be on the east side of Oxley Road, so you can use streets like Luxford, Plymer, Scout, Turner  etc.


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