I want to ride from the CBD out to Camp Hill bowls club, on Ferguson Road, in afternoon peak hour time.

I know that I start by going over the Goodwill Bridge, but then what?  I'm familiar with Vulture Street etc but I think that I'd prefer to avoid it in peak hour.

Is there an alternative?

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Yes It depends whether you want fast,direct and unpleasant  or leisurely ,comfortable and scenic. 

For my preferred route Kangaroo Pt Cliffs to the tip of Kangaroo Pt , Under the Storey Bridge, boardwalk to dockside ferry terminal , up over the pedestrian bridge to Cairns street then either backstreets or Shafston ave bikeway to the Shafston College, Thorn Street to Mowbray Park, up onto Lytton road footpath cross to and over Heidelberg Street Then Heath St Hilton St to Heath park over the magnificent $7 million + bridge between Churchie and Heath Park to Norman Park Bowls Club Norman av to Scott St past the dog park then along bike path beside the canal drain to Crown Street , under the railway bridge and hard left up past the railway station,  down to Bennetts road cross and up Morehead Ave past my house , to the end and into Joan st and left into Ferguson road and you go up to Macrossan and you are there.

Yep I agree.


By the way, just for the record - it's the Story Bridge. :)

Other commonly confused names of bridges in Brisbane are the Go Between Bridge (that's the one between the William Jolly and the Kurilpa in the CBD), the Goodwill Bridge (near QUT - named after the Goodwill Games of 2001) and the Gateway Bridge (gateway to Brisbane - the one out near the Port of Brisbane). There's a few Gs there, but the Story Bridge is the one that tends to make all the photo stories for visitors and locals alike. :)

Thanks! My acute shame and embarrassment at having the  misspelling pointed out will ensure that I never have to wonder which is the correct spelling ever again. :)


Goodwill Bridge, Stanley St path, Logan Rd, Nile, Wellington, left at path past pool table, Hampton, thru park, cross Longlands and Norman, right across Kingfisher Creek to Turbo, left onto path Norman Creek Path to Cavendish Rd. I path it Stanley St East Tiber Canara right under rail, left Waite [ Norman Park RWS], Morehead Av...


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