So, that was a thoroughly unpleasant ride. I experienced torrential rain as did many others, one mate was made to get off and walk through a flooded roadway while carrying his bike, I saw a group of 3 or 4 at the front of my group touch wheels and crash and then turned in to some brutal headwinds bringing groups to a standstill while others struggled to keep their bikes straight when those winds came from the side. To top things off, I saw one rider make a very poor decision and wear white world champion shorts...
Hindsight is generally 20/20 but should the event had gone ahead? Does anyone know if there was provision for a refund if the ride was cancelled?

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They did cancel it one year when the weather forecast was dire.. but if I remember it didn't actually pan out to be as bad as forecast. 

It's hard organising these events. If they cancel it they've lost money .. there are lots of fixed costs that would be incurred again with a change of date. Things like traffic controls, police, food, organisation etc etc..There are probably lots of people for whom a new date might be unsuitable .. do they give refunds? If they don't cancel it and it does rain then lots of people probably don't have a great time. I'm unclear whether the overall number of crashes is higher in the wet than in the dry though. 

I applaud them for running it though. It's a blast and gives people something to aim for.

For me though I feel as though I've been there and don't need to do it again. Personally I feel as though despite the closing of many roads - it's quite a risky event for participants. Putting that many people who are probably a bit inexperienced in such close company.. it's quite a risk. Even if I'd paid for an entry - if the weather was that bad I'd stay at home and know I'd made a good decision. All those inexperienced people in the wet is even more of a wildcard. 

I was a volunteer on this event and I agree with Big Steves' comments. To reschedule would probably take some time to organize and would put the date into November which would then be too hot for some. The rain and wind was not pleasant for anyone but the riders that I spoke to were still happy that it went ahead.

Touching wheels can happen in the dry and is more a case of riders not paying attention than the weather conditions unless it was caused by a gust of wind.

The flooded section at the road works was cleared up by the council and BQ vollies by the time I came through about 10am. Having ridden this event in the past I know that there is always a head wind as you get closer to the GC, although it was particularly bad on Sunday.

I have seen more accidents in the dry events than I heard about this year.

As for the white shorts, there is nothing BQ could do about that.

I was going to write something but Steve has put it perfectly. 

Interesting that you mention hindsight and white shorts together  : )

Anyhoo, I was all set for it but when I woke up early the weather looked foul so I pulled out, let my mates know and went back to sleep.  Those mates all went and did the ride, and will now be able to call me soft until the heat death of the universe.

Touché, or is that tushie? I think I just threw up a little.

I am mixed, on one side a video came out about that flooded section saying it should have been cancelled, however when I went through that section earlier, we simply just rolled through carefully. I suffered a stomach ache the day before that continued through to Sunday which would have given me all the excuse I needed to stay home, however I am proud of myself that I got out, did it and rode back for a 200km day in awful conditions while feeling like crap.

Phillip, well done 200k. I still haven't ridden back yet.. one day..

Not bad enough to cancel nor postpone I reckon. I took the soft option and had a sleepin..

Noel S thanks for being an excellent human, a volunteer. And all the others.

Thanks Ian, I was also wet all day and I wouldn't have minded if they had cancelled it, but we were all out there to ensure the riders had the best time that they could. We all just had to ride to the conditions as we do at any time.

I have never done any real video editing outside of clipping down some footage for YouTube. Last night, I dabbled with some proper software and put this together. It could have done with me taking more time to find better footage, possibly capturing the conditions better and I also shouldn’t have recorded my commentary at 15 mins to midnight. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it:

"Thoroughly unpleasant",  "should the event have gone ahead?"  you're kidding me right!!!

It was the ride of my life !!!!   

I posted a ride report here if you're interested:

In all seriousness, I genuinely believe these rides (and many other things in life) cannot be protected against stupidity.  Touching wheels is a stupidity issue, not a weather one.  What would you say about cars driving in wet conditions, 10cm apart?  These events should only be cancelled where its absolutely necessary to protect those "outlying" people who need protection from themselves.  The majority should be treated as adults, guidance provided (as they did), then allowed to make their own risk assessments based on personal circumstances/capability/risk appetite, and then be left to be held accountable for their own thoughts/actions.

I thought it was very well organised and they were clearly very conscious of the conditions.  They could not have done more to emphasise the safety aspect before and during the ride.  In my case (with 2 front wheels, 2 front brakes) they were overly conservative but I understood why.

White shorts though - clear negligence not to rule that out, in any conditions.  :-)

So I got a new bike back in June. I had previously been nervous about riding in high wind however nothing was going to stop me from riding it on Sunday which of course involved high winds. I’ve noticed after riding in those conditions, I’ve been a lot less nervous with the gusty yet much tamer winds of this week while commuting.

Fantastic write-up and an epic ride. Ride of your life indeed! I'm glad you were well-rewarded for the early, rainy start with a thrilling experience.

It's left me wanting to take my recumbent out for more rides after not riding any bike much lately (I no longer work in the city so no bike commuting, and I've ended up doing more running for fitness as it takes less time)


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