Weekdays I ride at night because I'm busy in the morning, and anyway I am not a morning person, although this is rare among performance cyclists I've heard. The big benefit of this is that I get no UV, fresh(er) air, almost no traffic, mainly green lights, less abuse (sometimes none! Imagine!). Also, there's no hurry to finish a ride if I have so many sets of interval planned. I do exactly the program I've planned, everytime.

If any of you, with a similar level, is interested in riding about 60 km 1200 D+ on Thu nights, from 7-8pm -ish to 9-10:30 pm-ish, let me know. Unlike other big cities I've lived in Europe, there doesn't seem to be a night sport community out here, but I'm sure there must be one or two European expats who'd like to out here, or Aussies with a different view.

My level : can sustain 29-30 km/h of average speed for a couple of hours in an hilly environment, after that I "fall" down to 26 km/h average after 5/6 hours (> 3000 D+).

Ascentional speed: around 14 m/min avg.

Preferred places: Northern Suburbs, on lit up roads.

Example of rides: Rode Rd / Patricks Rd / Settlement Rd / Waterworks Rd / Mount Coot-Tha and back.

Or Gap Creek interval training instead of Mount Cooth-Tha.

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sustain 30 km/h for a few hours in an hilly environment.

*cough* I'm out :-)

I did notice your heading though. It reminds me of the term near-miss. Like a near-miss is actually a hit. And clipless pedals are actually clipped. And after dark is ... during daylight.

Welcome Fab ... back to BNE. A New World City we are told https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/what-is-a-new-...

"The path that leads to these cities succeeding is the smaller size, the specialisation, the life/work balance, efficient infrastructure is absolutely key for them because that's the way the liveability is delivered."

"So there's a challenge here to make Brisbane's diversity and globalness more visible in order to score more highly on some of those cultural and liveability ranks."

Edit: Oh no. What did I just find? http://www.choosebrisbane.com.au/conventions/news/getting-around-br...

On wheels

Brisbane has an extensive network of bikeways and shared pathways that make for quite the picturesque commute.

Ok. Back to the original topic :-)

I went on David Hembrow's cycling infrastructure tour in Assen in 2013 and he said there was a culture of recreational riding after work in the Netherlands. It's certainly not like that here ... people ride in the morning to reduce the chance of conflict with motor vehicles.


If you check on Strava insights you'll see in Sydney 46% of recorded rides are before 8am and in Melbourne it's 37%. Brisbane would be closer to Sydney. There's a bias in Strava to "sports riding" but due to helmet laws most riding here is "sports riding" anyway.


I only know a few regular night rides in Brisbane - it's probably not a coincidence that they are all early in the week.

1 Sunday 7.30pm becausefixie ride from the milk factory on Montague Road

2 Monday 7.30pm Northern Night Ninjas from Aspley Homemaker City

3 Tuesday 6.15pm Lifecycle Coot-thas from Wally Lewis statue at Suncorp Stadium

4 Tuesday 6.30pm Space4cyclingBNE from lions in King George Square

I've only been to 3 and 4 myself. 1, 2 and 4 wouldn't meet your speed needs, so that leaves 3 and you can keep doing Coot-tha laps (clockwise or anti-clockwise) when everyone else has gone for beer at the Paddo.

Thank you for taking the time to list down all this Rich. Indeed that leaves 2. Good idea to do a double or triple Coot-Tha.

people ride in the morning to reduce the chance of conflict with motor vehicles.

I don't really get that. There's such a narrow window when there's no traffic in the mornings (during the week). Plus, only by starting well before dawn would UV be avoided whereas starting late afternoon allows for the whole night ahead if need be.

During the week, peak hour traffic is pretty much over by 7pm at the latest; before then, it should be possible to find a route until things quieten.

Unlike some other cultures around the world in warm climates where people wake up late, I think Brisbane just likes getting up really early - anything to do with it being a big country town, etc?: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/brisbane-earliest-ris...

Maybe most road bike lighting systems are simply inadequate after sundown too. Dynamo is pretty much the only way to go because a battery pack to power something decent would weigh just as much.

I totally agree with you Raymond. I tried to ride very early on the morning too, and that was a total fiasco. First I didn't sleep well because I knew I would have to get up early. Second my body was not awake enough to do Interval Training, even after warming up. Thirdly, I had to cut my training short because I had to get ready for work, fourthly, on my way back, Gympie Rd was already packed from 5 am, fifly, by 11 am there was no more Fab, I was knocked out by the whole experience, and needed a sieste. What a total fiasco: Never again.

At night you're already up, it gets fresher and the roads get emptier as you get sweatier and sweatier from the effort. You need less water as you go. Less, and eventually no UV as you go. No time limit. All green lights. All good. 

My provocative 2 cents: maybe some are not resilient enough to train after a full day at work? Oh well, if yo uwant to complete an IM, that's the least thing to achieve. Ha ha ha (devil laugh).

Ha ha, funny to read about this early rise habit.

I'm not too sure about the "weight control" and "wellbeing" for early risers:

Weight control doesn't really show here, people are massive. As for the wellbeing, not convinced either: why are they some many violent people on the road? With the huge Australian salaries, all year round sun, and probably sex too, why are they angry for?

On the opposite end of the slider, they say Parisians get up the latest, which I know is right, and I have never been swiped in Paris proper, even on Les Champs Elysées, where I occasionally trained, or around Arc de Triomphe roundabout where there are about 10 lanes, cars actually stopped to let me do a 360.

(BTW, I lived and worked in Paris for a couple of years)

Brisbane sucks for night rides, nobody ever does them or if they do they are some ride that ends at a bar or restaurant and everybody rides at a snails pace. Never understand why Melbourne has smashfests almost every night, huge numbers different groups, yet you struggle to see two guys riding together after dark here. Very disappointing 

Actually reading this.. there is a group out north called the night ninjas that do regular weeknight rides. I haven't done a ride with them - but I think they would be described as "brisk".

Personally I do sometimes do night rides - but I find them difficult. You have to be careful to eat well before - and I find they leave me unable to do a big morning ride. Everybody is different though. 

The other thing too is that many of my routes are "morning routes". IE they are chosen to be against the traffic so as to lessen the chance of negative interactions with drivers. You wouldn't be able to do them in the evening or at the very least would need to modify them. There are some routes which are less dependent on this and it's those I tend to do but they are pretty limited compared to my normal set of options. 


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