Anybody with info about a Lake wivenhoe ride event in July?

Last Saturday 22rd July I was riding my motorbike along Lake Wivenhoe, to plant water / ISO bottles for my big ride the next day, since there's not much to drink there. I happened to go past a cycling event that gathered a few riders, but not too many. I didn't have time to stop and ask them, but later I tried to get more information about the event, as I'd like to do it next year since it is part of my playground there.

I couldn't find anything easily on the Internet about this event. Is there anyone here who knows about it?

They had a refuelling stop ("ravito") between Northbrook Pkwy and Somerset Dam, and also a sort of ad-hoc carpark used as a "base". The party was rather limited, to two scores or so. Cyclists seemed to be cycling clockwise around the lake.

On my way back from the Dam, it was nearly sunset, and the "race" seemed finished. A small group of them decided to go back up Road 9 towards Mt Glorious, I found that really cool and challenging.

Hope to get a few bits of info in here.

Thank you.

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