Advice for first time user of QLD Rail Station bike cage

I'm considering riding to a train station a couple of days a week and make use of the QLD Rail Bike cage facility that is available.  What I would appreciate is any advice or experience that can be shared by Cyclist on this forum.

I'll be riding a decent roadie that I wouldn't normally be locking and leaving so I'm keen for any advice...Are these cages safe to use, what other precautions may I need to take etc...


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Some stations have bike boxes that can be hired.  Safer and more secure than the bike cage if the station has them.  You'll have to contact QR about your local station and see if they're available for hire.

Agreed, a box would be more secure but the stations that I'm looking at do not have them.

This is painful Greg. It's a great idea being able to multi mode, but QLD rail support is a bit hit and miss. 

I guess there are couple of other options. Firstly get a beater and leave it there. Secondly get a folder and take it with you.

Alternatively, (and you haven't said where you are) but if riding in and out in a day is not feasible, then possibly riding one way each day. IE riding in one morning. Catch the train home, and back in, and then riding home that afternoon. That's all I've got I'm afraid.

My local train station is about 4k, and it's probably 1 or 1.5 k from the station to my work. So, it's all just too hard, so I ride the whole way.

I was looking to do this as it would be 20km each way for two days a week...rather than an 80km round trip to city and back.  If the cage security is adequate then I may give it a go even if it's just to determine how much stuffing around it really is...

I have used a QR bike cage at Ferny Grove for a year or so now I guess it would be. I've had the use of bike lockers from time to time over the years and I gave the last one when I started riding a Gazelle to the station  - the big Dutch bike is too tall to fit in the locker.

I haven't had any problems with security in the cage but I lock whatever bike I'm riding to the rack inside the cage anyway. The cage is a common area for anyone who has a key-tag. I guess if someone doesn't shut the door behind them then anyone can get in, though I've never seen that happen in all the time I've been using the cage.

Access to the cage was easier to get than a bike locker (the waiting time for lockers is sometimes months). The same $50 key deposit applies to the bike cage and there are small lockers about a foot square on the wall that easily fit a helmet and a bike lock and fair bit of other stuff too ... you just put a small padlock on one and it's yours.

That's been my experience - probably not as secure as a locker but I've had no problems - it's been OK.

Oh yeah ... QR installed showers at the same time as the bike cage at my station too!

Thanks Doc - that's good feedback

Showers - Luxury! :)


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