If this all goes ahead then hopefully there won't be too many disruptions to the path while construction is underway and I wonder what impact this will have on traffic. With any luck the bulk of residents will commute by train/bus/bike.

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Gamelin Cr near me is a route I've been travelling for years. It was a quiet empty street. Recently there has been a couple of small blocks of units built. Now the street is full of cars all the time.

The street was always wide enough for cars to pass bikes but now with cars running down either side of the street it becomes a bit of a squeeze.

Pics from Google Streetview / Fly6 / Fly12 or it didn't happen ;) BCC probably has a way of measuring parking complaints by area. Most of their petitions are on parking / traffic issues, there's one up on Toowong right now. I reckon "they ain't seen nothing yet" on complaints. I was driving route 5 the other weekend from Toowong to Ashgrove and there were cars parked all over the footpath in several places along it (Jubilee Tce, Boundary Rd next to the park). They know nobody walks there so they can get away with it.

They know nobody walks there so they can get away with it.

Exactly. A good reason to turn the footpath into lovely, smooth, shared paths with a green strip roadside (edit: I mean low bushes/plants, not paint). Smooth the transition ramps and have crossings defaulted green for ped/bikes. Drivers can learn a new culture and give way to peds/riders as they should be now.

No parking places lost roadside, no businesses affected, no bus stops affected ... all easily doable and relatively inexpensive. Oh hang on. Don't other countries do this?

You know.. the last google maps capture was Jan 2014 and it was before two of the new blocks. I'll take some video tonight for you. :o

Ok, see if you can spot the difference in the amount of private property stored on the streets.

Street view from Jan 2014

Gamelin Crescent today after units

Here's the Toowong Woolworths application

Appendix E is Traffic, done by TTM again. The cumulative effect of all these developments isn't considered.

Not much about cycling in there at all. There's a note about how there are four CityCycle stations nearby, and cycle parking in the development.

Toowong is already a door zone derby. I imagine this will only make it worse. Unless of course they see that cycling is the solution, and a Toowong minimum grid would help a lot.

Yeah, there needs to be a protected bike lane along Sherwood Road, joining across to the Bicentennial Bikeway. At a minimum. 

Judgment day

"The project will provide an extension of the Bicentennial Bikeway along Coronation Drive to Archer Street through the site to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists." said Julian Simmonds

Pretty shit judgement.  Screws the council height restrictions as well as the distinctive design that exists all around the world due to the architect firm pimping themselves out with the one idea.


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