If this all goes ahead then hopefully there won't be too many disruptions to the path while construction is underway and I wonder what impact this will have on traffic. With any luck the bulk of residents will commute by train/bus/bike.

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If I used that bit of path regularly I'd be trying to make sure that they don't put in another driveway crossing like further down the road. There's 635 car spaces in that proposal so a lot of opportunity for people to get knocked off their bikes on a busy bit of path.

BTW, where did Toowong Village go?

Skyscraper City discussion shows plans for a Coronation Drive crossing.

486 apartments, 6 villas, 635 car parks

The Toowong Auchenflower neighbourhood plan allowed for 15 storeys: this is reported as 22-25 storeys.

You can read the plans at Planning and Development online A003953028 (click accept, then search or repaste the link).

It certainly sounds like an enormous number of (potential) cars to push into such a small area if they are all entering and exiting via Archer Street. StreetsWiki writes about induced demand for surplus car parking.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I reckon that looks awesome.

Oh Yeah, a slip lane on Coro Drive...

Doesn't look good for cyclists at all. Best solution would be to route the bike path either over or under the road leading from the slip lane.  Otherwise it will be maximum conflict zone, with uppity drivers barely slowing down as they turn into the driveway, given the way it is angled.

Yep. That's going to be a mess and I'm sure that cyclists will be the ones forced to give way. Sigh...

LOL, I love that "pedestrian circulation" ends wherever "vehicular circulation" is.

Pretty dumb.  If you can afford to build 3 buildings in the shape of wine glasses you can probably afford to create non-vehicular connectivity.

What a hideous development, totally unsuitable for that site. We need more medium density, not pockets of this high density crap.

I note that there are going to be 635 car parks on site. That should make Archer St fun...

I love good quality architecture but this isn't it. This design by Hadid, like the other 'celebrity architects' (Gehry, et al), is just over the top rubbish designed to woo investors. This will be an ivory tower for baby boomers and, when they're gone, a slum of the future.

It reminds me of this:

...and a distinct lack of commercial space too. Typical. This is NOT what 'new world cities' build, unless you think Dubai is a place to emulate. I don't.

I'm not sure a lack of commercial space is a primary concern in an apartment block across the road from Toowong village. The non-existent regard to non-motor traffic in the vicinity however is.

Why is the Bicentennial Stage4 upgrade putting the bikes on Coro instead of next to the river again?

Actually, having street level commercial space right on a busy bike & pedestrian route would be wonderful, but developers (and owers) of buildings like this generally want to keep the 'riff raff' away.

This is just going to be a massive private property with no benefit at all to anyone other than unit owners. Of course it's being sold as a wonderful thing for Brisbane, simply because they've asked a Starchitect to design it. Why not give the work to a local architect? God knows there are plenty of them desperate for work like this. I think it's a kick in the face for them.


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