I managed to luck out several weeks ago and win a 3D Printer in a competition. Since then I've printed some things around the house but today was the first time I printed a bike related thing.

I've had for years a proper dutch bike pump (from dutchbikebits) that works with the dutch type valves. Unfortunately the pump doesn't have anyway to store the hose when not in use (unlike my JoeBlow pump).

Today I thought of an idea to solve this and used tinkercad.com to create a 3D object from scratch. I then saved this as an STL file and sent it to the printer. The idea was to have a clamp around the pump and a bike valve shaped piece of plastic for the pump house to clip onto.

It's not a work of art but the end result came out great and more importantly solves the problem!

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That's pretty trick! I like it.

3d printing will be great for us owners of obscure bikes to print parts which are difficult/impossible to source

Good job Shaun, neat solution.  Do modern dutch pumps have that sort of clamp, or a Joe Blow equivalent? (I have a Joe Blow II).  Is it a possible Kickstarter project for you?

Its not that flash for a kickstarter project - more likely I'll just upload the STL file to thingiverse.com for free download for others to print / get printed.

Having a 3D printer is handy for those hard/impossible to get bits but the plastic (PLA) is not that strong which limits how you use the end result.

Next step would be to use the output to create a sand mold for metal casting :-)

Neat! Well done.

All we need now is a 3D printer that does titanium....  (They're out there, just a tad too expensive for home use I think!)

Great fix. The future is here!


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